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Monday, May 13, 2002 :::
Why did Carla tell me about the affair when she did? Why did she have to tell me at all? It was Saturday evening, May 11th, when she received the anonymous call. The lady on the phone was very upset. She had seen Carla with Troy that day and had seen them kiss and caress. It was at the Marlow Wal-Mart, some 20 or 30 miles from home.

Perhaps the distance had given Carla a sense of security. Perhaps she had thought they were far enough away. Far enough to avoid certain spectators. Far enough to avoid the peering eyes of family and friends.....and church members.

I pastor a local church and, you might say, the church members are a little fussy. They've got certain expectations when it comes to their pastor and to the pastor's wife. And fidelity is high on the list. We live in Oklahoma, the buckle of the Bible-Belt, and folks here still believe in the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, Mom, Johnny Bench and apple pie.

The caller on the line was very distraught and gave Carla an ultimatum. "If you don't tell your husband what's goin' on, then I'm gonna tell him for you!" With panic in her voice, Carla demanded to know, "Who is this?!" But the caller wouldn't say. She wouldn't identify herself, but only hung up the phone.

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The daily log of a personal crisis

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